A Collection of Songs About Presidents

If you’re looking for a great collection of songs about Presidents, then this book will be right up your alley. It features songs by such artists as Neil Young, Clutch, and J. Matthew Gerken, and many of them feature well-known singers.

Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President”

Neil Young’s “Let’s impeach the President” is a protest song that was released in 2006 on his album Living with War. The song uses sound clips of President Bush’s speeches to call for impeachment. While the lyrics are not intended to be sarcastic, they are critical of the Bush Doctrine.

Clutch’s “Abraham Lincoln”

Clutch is a hard rock band from Maryland, USA. The band formed in 1990 and has become known for their high-energy and exhilarating rock/pop music. The song is about a man who was assassinated and was buried in a grave.

The Walnut Collective’s “James K. Polk”

In March 1845, the United States swore in a new president, James K. Polk. A forceful outsider, he was eager to strengthen the nation and assert its preeminence over world powers. His gung-ho style made him popular among many people, but he was also opposed by a large number of citizens. One of his opponents, Henry David Thoreau, was so committed to opposing Polk’s policies that he became a canonical American literary figure. His lyrical masterpiece is studied in high schools across the nation. Sadly, he had another side to him.

The Offspring’s “Kill the President”

“Kill the President” is the final track on The Offspring’s self-titled debut album. The song is an anti-establishment anthem, advocating the murder of presidents and other powerful figures. Since its release in 1989, the song has become a rare and valuable piece of Offspring music. However, the band decided to remove it from CD reissues for legal reasons.

The Offspring have a history of controversial lyrics. On their self-titled debut album and their sophomore record, Ignition, the group promoted anarchy, pyromania, and even called for the murder of the president. Later, the group moved away from these anti-social messages and began to express a more politically correct perspective.

“Kill the President” was not included on this reissue. However, the band re-released the album on blue translucent vinyl in 2001. This new re-release contained “Kill the President,” but the artist didn’t include the song’s original artwork. The album was also re-released on Nitro in 2001.

The Offspring is a high energy, sharp-witted rock band. Their songs are full of emotion, and their message is clear. Their message is to not allow a woman to run your life. Just get a job. You are the one in charge of your life, man up, and never let a woman run it.

The “Kill the President” single is a great example of offbeat rock music. It was a massive hit on the radio and a great example of Offspring’s unapologetic attitude. The song’s lyrics are full of punching downwards from a position of privilege. It has become a staple in the Offspring’s live shows and on tour.