Best Places to Visit in Saint Benedict

When in Saint Benedict, you should check out the Fort of Saint Benedict, which was built to protect the harbour and coast. Today, it is home to a Tourist Information Centre. It is also worth checking out the historic buildings such as the Subiaco Abbey.

Subiaco Abbey

When in Saint Benedict, don’t miss the Abbey of Saint Scholastica. Built over Benedict’s cave where he lived as a hermit, this monastery is perched on a cliff. Pope Pius II compared the monastery to a swallow’s nest. The abbey is adorned with statues of Benedict commanding the rocks not to crush its residents.

Although the life of Saint Benedict is largely based on his own writings, we can still find some clues in the places where he lived and worked. His early life was not a comfortable one – he had to attend primary and secondary schools in Norcia and Rome. He also had to deal with the political situation of his time. Hence, it is not surprising that he retreated to Affile after a few years to live with his old nurse.

Benedict served as a bridge between the monasticism of the East and the new age. The licentiousness of Rome shocked him and he soon retired to the hills. Eventually, he moved to a cave in the rocks next to a lake. It was 64 kilometers from Rome in the Abruzzi foothills. There, Benedict lived alone for three years. He was supplied with monastic garb by a nearby monk, Romanus.

Visiting the monastery of Saint Benoit du Lac is another way to experience the Benedictine way of life. It has beautiful grounds and trails for hiking and is open for visitors. The monastery also sells delicious cheeses, fresh bread, and other homemade goods. A visit to this site is an excellent way to learn more about Benedict’s life and his teachings.

If you are in the area for a vacation, you may also want to stop by his birthplace, where he spent much of his life evangelizing the local people. The statues of Saint Benedict are also a must-see in the city. While you’re here, don’t forget to read the Benedictine Rule. It will teach you how to live a more humble and obedient life.

Fort of Saint Benedict

One of the best places to visit in Saint Benedict is the Fort of Saint Benedict, built in the 17th century by the Governor of Madeira, Duarte Pereira Sodre. It was abandoned in 1815 but was restored in 1916. The fort’s main fa├žade has a portal with a Roman arch. The main facade also contains a variety of weapons and national inscriptions.

Saint Benoit du Lac

If you are a religious enthusiast, Saint Benedict Abbey is one of the best places to visit in the area. It is an old abbey in Saint Benoit du Lac, Quebec, Canada, that was founded in 1912 by exiled French monks. Its earliest members included Abbot Dom Joseph Pothier, who was a scholar and liturgist. He helped revive the Gregorian chant and was the architect of the abbey.

Saint Benoit du Lac is about 130 km east of Montreal. It is located on the shores of Lake Memphremagog and is easily accessible by highway 10. The Saint Benedict Abbey was built in 1912 and completed in 1962. It was designed by Father Paul Bellot, a monk and architect who had designed the Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal and other historic buildings in Europe. The monastery towers over the Eastern Townships region on a peninsula of Lake Memphremagog.

Saint Benoit du Lac is an old medieval village with a wealth of architectural heritage. The buildings are characterized by their orange stone and colorful design. The Benedictine abbey also features a winery and orchard. It produces cheese similar to gruyere and Bleu Benedictin, a soft blue cheese. The abbey also produces cider and other products from its own apples.

The abbey has guided tours seven days a week. The tours include an explanation of the abbey’s history and monastic life. Visitors can also watch cheese and wine production. Tickets are $12 per adult and $30 for a family package.

Saint Benoit du Lac is a pilgrim’s destination with a serene atmosphere. Its architecture is striking and the surrounding countryside is picturesque. There are several hostels available for visitors to stay in. The abbey has around 30 monks.

Located near Austin, this Benedictine monastery overlooks Lake Memphremagog. Its green copper roof and stone walls make it appear like a French chateau. The monastery is a stunning contrast against the green hillside. Mount Owl’s Head, a majestic mountain, towers in the distance.

Rabbit Hill Inn

The beautiful Rabbit Hill Inn features 19 guest rooms in its main house and carriage house. It is a classic country inn with wide-plank wood floors and a cozy atmosphere. The historic building sits directly across the Connecticut River, which marks the border between Vermont and New Hampshire. The quaint inn has a front porch and offers a free breakfast.

Located in a quiet village off Route 18, the Rabbit Hill Inn is within a one-hour drive of the historic Saint Benedict Abbey. Guests can attend daily mass in the Abbey’s church and enjoy a taste of French-speaking country life. The inn is also just an hour’s drive away from the Canadian border, and is an ideal base to explore the Eastern Townships.