DA BIRD Review

DA BIRD: This laser pointer mimics the sound and look of a real bird in flight. It is made in the USA and is designed to teach your cat to catch flying objects with its laser pointer. This product is a hit with many cat lovers. It costs about $60 and comes in a variety of colors.


The DA BIRD is a toy that mimics the flight of a real bird. It is made from a fiberglass rod which easily disassembles for storage. It also includes braided nylon string and aerodynamically designed feathers. The toy is great for keeping cats entertained and engaged.

It mimics the look and sound of a real bird in flight

DA BIRD is a unique interactive cat toy that simulates the look and sound of a real flying bird. Made of 3 feathers and a handcrafted wood bead, this toy makes a unique sound and looks just like a real bird in flight. It is so realistic that your cat will search for it even when it is not in use.

The Da Bird is a durable toy that comes with a swivel attachment attached to the pole. The swivel makes it easy to turn the toy in any direction and the feathers are replaceable if they are soiled or worn. This saves you the cost of buying a new toy each time your toy becomes unusable.

It is a laser pointer for cats

If you have a cat, you may want to consider getting a laser toy. Cats are natural predators and often have high prey drives. You may have noticed them pawing at a small bug before pouncing, or watching birds at the birdfeeder. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you may also find that they bring in a variety of “presents” to give to you.

Although laser toys are fun for cats, there are a few risks associated with playing with them. The bright lights can cause irritation to your cat’s eyes, which could cause future problems. Also, your cat may become exhausted from chasing the moving dots. It is a good idea to supervise laser playtime so that you can prevent harm.

Cats can safely use a laser pointer if you make sure it’s not too bright, and it’s safe for them to use. Although cats are natural hunters, they shouldn’t be overworked or stressed out. And, you should never point it at a high wall, since that could injure your cat.

One downside of the Da Bird is that cats tend to chew on it, which can be harmful for your pet. It can even cause your cat to ingest feathers and fur. So, be sure to replace it if your cat chews on it. You should also make sure to catch the light once in a while, which will build up your cat’s confidence and keep him entertained.

It is made in the USA

Da Bird is a high-quality feather toy made in the USA. It has realistic feathers and a flight-like motion that makes it look and act like a real bird. It can also be attached to a wand. A wand can be used to control the feathers so that your cat can play with it just like a real bird.

Da Bird is available on Amazon or at your local pet store. While you can find cheaper knock-offs, you won’t want to compromise on quality. Besides, you can’t go wrong with a made-in-the-USA cat toy. Da Bird is made to last a long time and is highly recommended by veterinarians.

This toy is made with a strong nylon string and a 36-inch fiberglass rod. Its aerodynamic feathers mimic real bird wings. While Da Bird is meant for indoor play, it is best used with supervision as it can become tangled around body parts. Your plump cat will enjoy the exercise.

The Da Bird is a great motivational tool for your cat. It can be used as a reward when your cat performs a trick. You can also use the toy as a reward for short training sessions. The feather dangler attaches to a string and can be replaced without having to replace the whole wand.

It’s a feather toy on a string

The Da Bird is a great cat toy that comes in two parts: a rod and a feather toy. The feather toy is attached to a swivel attached to the string and sways back and forth, mimicking the flight of a bird. The feathers are replaceable, which is a great feature if you don’t want to keep purchasing new toys all the time.

This interactive cat toy features feathers that can be interchanged to make a variety of different shapes and colors. The feathers are attached to a strong, long string. When the string is pulled through the air, the feathers spin around, producing incredible cat acrobatics. The string and wand can be attached to other accessories, like cat toys or stuffed animals.