Places to Go in Mattawa, Ontario Canada

Mattawa is a small town located in northeastern Ontario. It lies at the confluence of the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers. The town was named for the Algonquin people and the name means “Meeting of the Waters”. The town was visited by the first Europeans, Samuel de Champlain and Étienne Brûlé.

Visiting the Three Crosses

If you are looking for a special place to visit in Ontario, Canada, you may want to try Visiting the Three Crosses in Mattwa. This town is renowned for the 3 white crosses that stand on Laurentian hills. They were placed there after a dispute between three local priests. They symbolize purity of the community and the Holy Spirit.

The Three Crosses in Mattawa are located in a beautiful setting, where the Ottawa and Mattawa rivers meet. In 1686, the missionary priest Father Silvie was the first to celebrate mass at this site. Over the years, the crosses were damaged and vandalized, so they were replaced in 1802 and again in 1953 and 1975. In 1986, local volunteers helped to haul the crosses up the mountain.

Mattawa is also home to a historic site known as Explorer’s Point. Located at the intersection of the Ottawa and Mattawa rivers, this historical site was an important stop for voyageurs and fur traders. The Hudson’s Bay Company also established a trading post here. Today, it is home to the Mattawa Museum.

If you are planning a road trip to Canada, you will find Mattawa to be an excellent destination. Located on Highway 17, it is about 65 kilometers from North Bay and 300 km from Ottawa. If you are driving to Mattawa, you’ll want to park at the marina and walk around the downtown area. The Museum is located right next to the marina.

You’ll also find plenty of trails in and around the area. The Eau Claire Gorge trailhead is one km off the main road and leads to the stunning cliffs where the Amable du Fond River thunders through narrow gorges. You can also hike through the La Vase Portages, a watershed divide between Trout Lake-Mattawa River and Lake Nipissing. The historic route has been designated a conservation area.

There is a rich history of the Hudson’s Bay Company in Mattawa and the surrounding area. The company’s first post was established here in 1837 and it became the fur trading capital of the Nipissing district. During the summer, the town is home to the Mattawa Voyageur Days festival, which sells out seven hundred admission wristbands before the event begins. In 2007, it was listed as one of the Top 100 Ontario Festivals.

The three white crosses, or Three Crosses, are prominent landmarks in Mattawa. They are a reminder of the early settlement of this area and its people. The area was populated by Voyageurs who paddled canoes full of furs up the Mattawa River. Later, settlers settled in the area and a timber industry was important.

Mattawa’s first Roman Catholic Church was built in 1863. In 1889, construction of its twin steeple stone church began. Sadly, both the church and the school were destroyed by lightning on April 16, 1959. During that time, three white families arrived in the area and built homes. The first town hall and fire hall were built in 1885 and were later burned by fire. In 1894, Mattawa was able to install electricity and five additional hotels.

Visiting the Steamer Mattawan

When the Lake Temiskaming Colonization Railway began operations in 1853, the Steamer Mattawan served as the district’s first organized transportation. Other steamers were used for fishing, lumber trade, and sightseeing. The steamboats were such a crucial part of the region’s development that the Old Mission Resort created a theme centered around them.

The steamer originally operated between Mattawa and LaCave Rapids. Unfortunately, the Steamer Mattawan caught fire during the 1870s, and was lost to history. It was rebuilt by Oliver Latour and Cleo Lamarche, and is now operated as The Voyageur Inn. The town also boasts the St. Alban the Martyr Anglican Church and the Mattawa Mission, both of which were founded by the Rev. Forster Bliss.

Mattawa is situated at the confluence of the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers. The river serves as a natural border between Ontario and Quebec, and offers great hiking and camping opportunities. The town is also home to the Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, which has a wonderful interpretive area focusing on the early voyageurs.

The Mattawa River was used by Aboriginal Peoples for centuries. Before the arrival of Europeans, the area was a vital water route from Montreal to Lake Superior. In the early seventeenth century, French explorers canoed through the area. Later, French and British fur traders used the river for their transportation needs.

Visiting a restaurant in a 3 hour flight from Mattawa

Visiting a restaurant is an easy way to experience a different culture while on a trip. The Canadian province of Ontario has many unique culinary experiences. The Moosehead Estate and Retreat is one of these experiences. It is located in a picturesque setting between the Ottawa River and the Mattawa River. The place is family-run, steeped in history and oozing with charm.