Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Creating an organized and spacious small laundry room is possible. You can make use of wall space, pedestal drawers, and a Lazy Susan to maximize storage space. This article will give you some ideas to organize your small laundry room. If you’re having trouble finding your favorite items in your cabinetry, you can make use of a pedestal drawer or a Lazy Susan.

Organizing a small laundry room

Laundry rooms usually have little space, so you will need to find ways to maximize wall space. Install a slatwall system and add some small storage containers. These will keep your cleaning essentials within reach. You can also hang up a drying rack on the wall.

Organizing a small laundry room is not as difficult as you may think. Use your creative thinking. Think about how you can use the space above your washer to maximize the space. If you have room, you can install open shelving. Another great idea is to place a pull-down ironing board or folding table against the wall. When not in use, these devices will take up little space.

You can organize your laundry room by putting away the clutter. A lint bin will help you prevent lint piles and keep things organized. You can also use cute baskets to keep your detergent. This will make it look more appealing. Labeling your items is another great way to organize a small laundry room.

You can also use canisters to store your supplies. They will also look attractive in your laundry room. Aside from storage, you can also use them as a display for clothes pins. You can even choose clear canisters for this purpose. Keep in mind that your storage solutions should be simple so that the space doesn’t become cluttered and stressful.

Using a wall to increase storage space

Adding shelves to a wall behind a washing machine is an easy and convenient way to add extra storage to a small laundry room. Choose thin, floating shelves to provide a flush look with minimal visual impact. They are also easy to install and allow you to have multiple levels.

For smaller laundry rooms, install simple shelving to hold items like detergent, fabric softener, paper towels, and more. Wall space is more functional than floor space, so make the most of it by taking advantage of vertical space. To increase storage space in a small laundry room, you can use an extra wall stud as a support.

Another way to maximize storage space in a small laundry room is to add a utility sink. Using a utility sink will help keep the room dry and free of dirt. A drying rack or folding surface can also be installed on a wall. A wall mounted ironing board can be a handy addition.

To maximize surface space in a small laundry room, you can use hanging drying racks and storage cabinets. You can also use crates to organize your laundry. You can place them on top of cabinets or stack them on top of each other. Adding shelves can hide your machines while providing additional surface area.

Using a Lazy Susan to eliminate digging through cabinets

Lazy Susans are great for maximizing storage space in deep kitchen cabinets and walk-in pantries. They allow you to corral items like snacks, oils and vinegars, baking items, and jars. A Lazy Susan is useful in the kitchen as well as on countertop and bar areas.

The clear design coordinates with many aesthetic styles. Its clear, open round frame rotates 360 degrees, and is made of shatter-resistant PET plastic. It’s also BPA and chlorine-free. Made from sturdy plastic, the Lazy Susan’s transparent plastic frame is 9″ wide and 3.4″ high. It offers convenient grab-and-go access to stored items and is designed to stack neatly when empty for optimal vertical storage space.

Lazy Susans can be made of stone, wood, stainless steel, or plastic. Some Lazy Susans have non-slip surfaces, making them ideal for kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. You can even find decorative ones that are made from acacia wood. These are made to withstand the rigors of everyday use, but won’t scratch or damage your kitchen cabinets.

Lazy Susans are a great way to organize pots and pans. No longer will you have to bend down to find the lids for pans. With this handy device, you can organize your pans and lids without the hassle of digging through the cabinets again. You can also put a lid rack on your Lazy Susan to keep all of your lids in one place.

Using a pedestal drawer

Pedestal drawers are a great addition to a small laundry room because they can be installed under the washer or dryer without taking up more space. This storage solution also makes use of space above the appliances and can be customized to match the color and style of the rest of the room. When selecting pedestals, make sure to match their size and weight limits to the appliances they’ll be placed under.

Pedestal drawers can also be used to store other essentials. Pedestals come in a variety of styles and materials, so they’ll work with any decor. Some pedestals are even designed to be pulled out like a drawer so that you can easily access the storage within.

Once you’ve installed pedestal drawers, you’ll want to sort the items by type. For instance, detergent and bleach should be stored near the front of the shelf. Smaller items, like detergent pods, should be stored in jars or bins. Another good way to store small items is to make a junk drawer in the laundry room. This storage space will keep forgotten items out of sight and will minimize clutter.

Besides pedestal drawers, you can also use wire shelving to organize items. These shelves are usually 12 inches deep, which is similar to bookshelves and wall cabinets. However, some decorative shelves only measure six inches deep. Some shelves are open, so you can hang baskets over the edges.

Using a divider system

When you have a small laundry room, you may have a storage or space dilemma. Often, this room gets shortchanged in both design and size, and the result is a cluttered space. Luckily, there are some simple ways to make this room more functional and attractive.

Using a divider system is a great way to separate your items into areas that are easy to access. For example, a divider system makes it possible to store your cleaning supplies, and can make it easier to see where you put things. A divider system allows you to store smaller items, so you can reach them without rummaging through cabinets.

In addition to using a divider system to organize your storage, consider creating a separate mudroom area. Adding a mudroom section to your laundry room can help keep your family organized. If your laundry room is small, you can use the space above your washer for open shelving and utility boards. These systems can save space that is normally used for hanging items.

Another smart way to make small laundry rooms functional is to install a laundry sink. This will prevent your towels and linen from getting tangled up on each other. You can also add a hanging organizer to store detergent packs.

Using mason jars to organize supplies

If your laundry room is a mess, using mason jars to organize your supplies may be the perfect solution. Instead of stacking big boxes of detergent and soap, use jars to organize your laundry supplies. You can add decorative bottoms or glass painting to make them more attractive. You can also use mason jars for storing small items such as screws and nails.

You can also use jars for storing your sewing supplies. A large mason jar will hold a pair of small scissors. Another great idea is to place a pin cushion on the lid. You can also use small mason jars to keep toothpicks and other sewing necessities.

A mason jar organizer will help you keep track of the supplies that you use most often. One jar is perfect for collecting loose things before your pants go through the washer, while another jar will hold your sewing tools and the items you need when line-drying delicates. A shallow jar can also hold other clothing care essentials, like clothespins.

A laundry room should be functional, but it should also be attractive. A well-organized laundry room will help you save time and effort. You can use matching bins and glass jars to create an attractive space for your laundry room supplies. Decorative items such as plants and wallpaper will add a touch of flair to the space.