Top 5 Politics New Apps

News updates come constantly, but you don’t have to rely on the news channel app or social media feeds to stay informed. The best politics new apps offer you a variety of options to customize the type of news you receive and how it’s delivered. You can use them to find out about current events in politics, legislation and government discussions, ongoing rumors, political agendas and more.

iCitizen lets you get into the action of your local, state and national elections. You can follow candidates, vote in real-time, and even track campaign finance reports on the go. The free app also offers daily opinion polls and ways to contact your elected officials directly.

The BBC News app provides a global perspective on news and political developments. You can set up notifications to be notified when stories relevant to your interests occur. While the app is free to download and use, you do have to accept some ads while using it.

This news aggregator uses machine learning to bring you the stories most relevant to your interests and location. You can also give stories a thumbs up or thumbs down to influence the types of articles you’ll see. This free app has a nice design and does an excellent job of keeping you up to date.

If you want a news app that’s stripped down to just the basics, try Reuters. This news service covers the world and is renowned for its fact-checking and objective reporting. The app’s companion website offers even more depth to its reporting and coverage.

CNN’s news app receives 40% of its total internet traffic. The app allows you to stream live television and watch popular shows like Nightly News, TODAY, Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow in addition to a large assortment of articles. The CNN news app will also tailor your content to your region so you’ll only be seeing the articles and news that are most important to you.

This free app isn’t a replacement for your favorite news sources but it does provide a good overview of current events and breaking political news. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest happenings on Capitol Hill without getting too overwhelmed by the news deluge. It can also help you keep track of important bills and legislative discussions in Congress. You can also use the app to check your representatives’ bios and social media accounts.